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Modeling agent-based consumers decision-making with 2-tuple fuzzy linguistic perceptions

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Climate change induced migration and the evolution of cooperation

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An Evolutionary Game Model with Punishment and Protection to Promote Trust in the Sharing Economy

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Agent-based Modeling of Migration Dynamics in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam: Automated Calibration Using a Genetic Algorithm

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An evolutionary trust game for the sharing economy

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A multiobjective model and evolutionary algorithms for robust time and space assembly line balancing under uncertain demand

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The Forfire detector

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Interactive Preferences in Multiobjective Ant Colony Optimization for Assembly Line Balancing

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Realtime recognition of patient intentions from sequences of pressure maps using artificial neural networks

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A multiobjective GRASP for the 1/3 variant of the time and space assembly line balancing problem

Niching genetic feature selection algorithms applied to the design of fuzzy rule-based classification systems